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Skin Care Made Easy with Italy’s Best Natural Skin Care Products

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If you want healthy, glowing and youthful skin on a continuing basis, it is imperative to follow a good skin care regime. Even though the natural aging process affects each one of us, the right products and targetted treatments can reduce the signs of aging and keep your skin healthy for a longer period of time.

Locherber Natural Cosmetics from Italy offers a wide range of high-quality natural skin
care products made from natural herb and plant extracts, which are gentle on the skin, safe to use, and offer immediate visible results.

Let’s take a look at some of Locherber Natural Cosmetics’ best Natural Italian
Skin Care products

1. Anti-Aging & Moisturizing

Regularly moisturised skin looks and feels healthy. With proper care, you can even protect your skin from the harsh signs of aging.
Locherber Cosmetics offers a full range of anti-aging and moisturising solutions for the entire family.

These include Anti-wrinkle cream, Lotum Anti-wrinkle Cream, Over 40 Cream, Cream for Mixed Skins, Lifting Complex Cream, Super Hydrating Cream, Himalayan Diamond Cream, Vitamin C Pearls, Intensive Age Cream, Celebrity Cream, among others.

Use these products to add that much-needed hydration to your skin. Order Now!

2. Cleanse – Toning & Exfoliating

If you want your skin to stay beautiful, you must remember to cleanse your face thoroughly. When you cleanse your skin with the right cleansers and exfoliating products that are mild and gentle on the skin, your skin not only becomes clean, it also receives nurturing and is prepared for make-up and other treatments. Locherber Cosmetics brings you an effective range of cleansers and exfoliation products that are made from natural extracts and are suitable for most skin types.

Some of these include Gentle Cleansing Emulsion, Face Peeling Scrub, Cleansing Tonic Lotion, Purifying Masque, Purifying Cream, Eye Make-Up Remover, Dark Spots Cream, Delicate Tonic, and Delicate Tonic, etc.

Use these products to gently clean and exfoliate your skin. Order Now!

3. Gold 24 K-Line Antiaging

Locherber Cosmetics offers a beautiful range of Gold 24 K Line products that are ideal for glowing and youthful skin. The products in this range include the Gold 24 K Anti Aging, Gold 24 K Contour Eye Cream, Gold 24 K Serum Radiance, and Gold 24 K Mask.

Use these anti-aging products to strengthen your skin and make it more
beautiful. Order Now!

4. Eyes & Body Care

Insufficient sleep, stress and a busy lifestyle can cause visible dark shadows around the eyes. Thanks to Locherber Cosmetics’ Natural eye care products, you can easily tone the skin around your eyes, reduce puffiness and swelling, as well as heal those annoying dark shadows. This range also includes a set of natural creams to take care of your legs, feet and hands. Some of these include Eye Recovery Cream, Essential Eye Gel, Feel Relief Cream, Calming Cream, Hand Relief Cream, Gel for Fatigued Legs, etc.

Use these products to revitalise your eyes and your body. Order Now!

5. Face &  Acne Treatment

If you suffer from acne breakouts regularly, you need an effective skin care regime to treat the root cause of acne which is the excessive production of sebum. With the help of Locherber’s Face and Acne Treatment products, you can protect yourself from recurring skin problems by flushing out impurities from your skin while hydrating, rejuvenating and strengthening your skin.

Some of these products include the Repair Hydrating Fluid, Multi-Active Serum, Vegetales & Fruit, Phura 12 – Cream, and Multiactive Moisturizing Masque, etc.

Use these products to deal with excessive oil secretion and keep your skin free
from acne and other recurring skin issues. Order Now!

Locherber Cosmetics Natural skincare products from Italy provide wholesome care for your skin. Don’t wait, place an order NOW.

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