Sanotint Natural Hair Dye for Healthier Hair Care

Sanotint brings you the safest and best Natural Hair Dye products in the market which will bring the results you need without causing damage to your health or peace of mind. Unlike other hair dyes, our natural hair colours are PPD free, giving you perfect grey coverage and hair that is lustrous, healthy and beautiful.

Almost 93% of our first-time customers come to us from a bad allergic reaction to other hair dyes. Though the risk of susceptibility to other allergens, either a synthetic and / or a natural ingredient is high, a majority of our customers have been very satisfied with Sanotint natural hair dye.

Sanotint Natural Hair Dye Range

We have designed an array of Sanotint Natural Hair Dye products that match individual needs and preferences.

• Sanotint Classic Natural Permanent Hair Dye is made using natural healing substances, and is ammonia & paraben free. It provides perfect grey coverage, rich hair colour and shiny soft hair.

• Sanotint Light Hair Dye is ideal for those who have sensitive skin and are susceptible to allergic reactions. Made using natural ingredients like Golden Millet, it is the best natural hair dye to nourish, colour and protect your hair.

• Sanotint Ultra Sensitive Hair Dye Sanotint Reflex is a perfect pick when you are highly susceptible to skin breakouts, itchy scalp, swellings and hives.

The Sanotint Difference

Sanotint natural hair dye gives your hair a natural sheen and long-lasting colour. It covers your greys perfectly and helps you regain your lost confidence. Sanotint natural hair dye is easy to apply in the comforts of your home.

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  • Certification: Europe Legislation
  • Testing Product: Not Testing in Animals
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