Intensive repair cream to correct expression lines

Revolutionary Triple Action Formula Suppressing Wrinkles, Creases and Expression Lines

B.T.Y Plumping Vegetal packs a powerful punch to address multiple aging-related skin issues with its patented B.T.Y complex for rapid action and visible improvements.


        Incorporates Argireline, a patented ingredient and effective neurotransmitter suppressant derived from plant sources. Argireline’s plumping action formula restores the firmness of facial muscles and reduces the effects of wrinkles and fine lines  resulting from facial expressions.

        Integrates natural plant extracts that protect against free radicals in skin overwhelmed by UV rays, while also delivering soothing, anti-inflammatory effects on UV-stressed skin.

        Contains Vitamin A- and Vitamin E-rich Apricot Seed Oil that hydrates the skin and restores its natural elasticity for a firmer, healthier and more youthful look.