Hair Care Made Easy with Sanotint Natural Hair Care Products

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In these times of mounting stress and pollution, proper hair care is essential if you want healthy and strong hair. And even though there is no dearth of hair care products available in the market today, not all of them are safe for you as they may contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair in the long run. In sharp contrast, Sanotint offers a full range of GMO-free, alcohol-free, and
dermatologically tested, natural hair care products (suitable for all hair types) that are not only 100% safe to use but also highly beneficial for your hair.


Let’s take a look at some of Sanotint’s superior-quality Hair Care Products

1. Sanotint Colourcare Conditioner

With a soft fragrance of raspberries, this is a nourishing and protective hair conditioner that will strengthen your hair, protect it from harmful UV rays, and bring back its natural beauty. For best results, apply this conditioner and rinse it off after shampooing your hair with Sanotint Colourcare Shampoo.


2. Restructuring Conditioner ph 2.5 -3

As the name suggests, Sanotint Restructuring Conditioner with pH 2.5-3 is a revitalising and restorative hair conditioner that is ideal for use on coloured hair. Use it daily after shampoo and notice how your hair becomes shiny and smooth.

Though this conditioner does not require rinsing, you should rinse it if you have fine hair.


3. Sanotint Colour Developer/Activator Liquid

If you have obstinate gray hair, this is a great buy for you! The activator helps to open the pores of the hair so that the colour can be placed there. The Colour Developer / Activator liquid, which are mixed with the cream pigment, should be added in a one to one ratio.
Since the activator is specially formulated to work with our pigment, please do not replace it with any other brand.


4. Sanotint Lightening Kit

This lightening Kit is apt for those who want to customise their hair colour based on their liking. Use it to lighten your hair colour by a couple of tones or to create streaks or brighter reds.


5. Sanotint Calming Oil

Sanotint’s light and fragrant calming oil with Calendula extracts and lavender oil is made from 100% safe plant extracts and is a great buy for those who have sensitive skin. Apply it directly on your skin or hair to soothe irritation, redness and itching.


6. Sanotint Silk Masque 3.5 – 4

Say goodbye to unmanageable and unruly hair! Sanotint Silk Masque is a revitalising, nourishing and deeply conditioning, protective hair masque that protects the hair from harmful pollutants and prevents ugly split ends. It makes the hair soft, shiny and less susceptible to breakage.


7. Light Restructuring Oil

If you have been looking for completely non-greasy and delicate oil that can improve your hair structure without disturbing your skin’s pH, look no further. Containing the healing properties of Golden Millet, Sanotint’s Light Restructuring Oil is perfect for washing brittle,
thin, coloured or bleached hair on a daily basis. You can also use it as a baby shampoo!


8. Cleansing Oil ph 5.3 – 5.7

Containing the wonders of Golden Millet, Sanotint Cleansing Oil is ideal for people who have blonde, bleached, brittle or extra fine hair. You can use it daily to gently wash your hair while making it stronger.

Start your hair care regime today with Sanotint’s safe and healthy products.


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