Fight Hair Fall With Safe & Natural Migliorin Hair Loss Solutions

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If you notice hair on your pillow every day, it may be a clear sign that you are suffering from hair fall. Many factors contribute to hair loss such as a stressful lifestyle, insufficient diet, vitamin deficiencies, etc.Irrespective of the reasons, losing hair can be an unpleasant and demoralizing experience. This is why, you need safe and high-quality hair loss solutions to energize your roots and
strengthen your hair.

Care for Your Hair with Migliorin Hair Loss Solutions

Available in the form of dietary supplements as well as shampoo, conditioner, spray lotion and phials, Migliorin is a natural, protective and risk-free solution that will nourish and restore your hair, both from the inside and the outside. La Vita Nuova Inc. brings you a complete range of MIGLIORIN natural solutions to solve your hair loss worries.

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1. Migliorin Hair Loss Shampoo pH 5.5

When suffering from hair fall, you need a delicate shampoo that is gentle with your fragile and damaged hair. The Migliorin Hair Loss Shampoo combines the benefits of essential herbs, minerals, millet extracts and Panthenol to restore your hair’s natural balance and
improve your scalp.

Use it regularly for soft, smooth and healthy hair!

2. Migliorin Soft Gel Capsules 45

To tackle hair loss better, you require dietary supplements that will work from within your body and help in natural hair growth. Migliorin’s soft gel capsules 45 contain Vitamin E, Keratin, Sulphuric Amino Acids, Equisetum, Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B), Golden Millet extracts, and Wheat germ Oil – which makes it great for improving oxygenation of the scalp, energizing your hair roots, and protecting your hair.

Take these capsules regularly to see the difference!

3. Migliorin Phials pH 5.5

Made from a Swiss formula, Migliorin Phials pH 5.5 are effective (external) hair loss solutions that help to oxygenate and reactivate the hair bulbs, support hair growth and make hair stronger. It contains safe and natural ingredients including Keratin, Biotin, Panthenol, Millet extracts and essential elements like Iron, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium.

Use these phials externally for strong and beautiful hair.

4. Migliorin Hair Spray Lotion pH 3

This is a great smelling hair spray that helps to correct hair loss and prevent it in the future. It is made from soothing, purifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to oxygenize the scalp.

With no rinsing required, use this spray lotion daily after shampoo for hassle-free
and effective hair care.

5. Hair Lotion Alcohol Free pH 5.5

Containing extracts of Golden Millet, the Migliorin hair lotion is an alcohol-free solution to your hair loss problems. It adds nourishment to the scalp, promotes hair growth, and makes the hair stronger.

Use this lotion daily after shampoo for healthier nourished hair and scalp.

Migliorin also offers the Dandruff Migliorin Shampoo pH 6 which is good for solving your dandruff problems, the Fitness Shower Shampoo + Conditoner pH 6.7 which is a 3in1 gentle shower foam, shampoo and conditioner for use after a workout, and the
Migliorin Cleansing Conditioner pH 5.2 for easy to comb, smooth and glossy hair!

Start treating your hair loss problems today with Migliorin Natural Hair Loss

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